Core Reasons To Invest In Ikwerre LGA

Cities are the heart of every global region. They are the headquarters of the world’s biggest companies and provide universities that produce the most innovative minds.
Isiokpo is a fast rising city. Rich in oils and other minerals. The town rests at the heart of Ikwerre Local Government area in Rivers State. With good international road networks and recently worked road’s.

Hosting two University campuses, Nigeria Navy Intelligence School, Deeper life campground and other such facilities, Isiokpo has a rich cultural heritage and is very hospitable. The town is also known to have a good population of both indigenes and non-indegenes. It is serene and free from the frequent buzz in some other Cities in Rivers State.

Real Estate investment in Isiokpo at this time is very affordable. While investors are gradually creeping in value on Real Property in the area is rapidly increasing. Its encouraging to use one’s sense of foresight to delve in on the opportunity to invest in the area. It is a green environment for investment.

Urbanization in Ikweere and Ikwerre development Idea urbanization

substantially alters a people’s way of life especially the indigenous people’s lives. This is because modern cities over time, have become modern political power houses. Decisions, according to Ekpenyong (1999), are taken in the cities about levels of taxation and support for rural development. In all these, cities are unique because of their size, density and heterogeneity. Urbanization in Ikwerre land is typical of African cities that evolved from or are midwifed by European colonialists adventure occasioned by capitalist expansion in Europe which created the need for external market. In Ikwerre’s case, according to Worlu (2015) and Akani (2020), Port Harcourt, officially received its name in 1913 by Sir Fredrick Lugard, the then Governor General of Nigeria. The choice of Port Harcourt was necessitated by its natural habour which the colonialists discovered will be useful for seaport and railway infrastructure. The establishment of Port Harcourt initiated massive urbanization of Iwhuruohna communities. Consequently, according to Ofonagoro (1970) in Akani (2020) spectators, merchants, artisans, traders and the ruling class of Igbo extraction invaded Port Harcourt. Confirming the Saro-Wiwa (1989:175) in Akani (2020) observe thus: “Port Harcourt was from the beginning a cosmopolitan community consisting of labourers, employees of trading firms, traders, teachers, clergy man, from parts of Nigeria and other West African Towns, Sierraleone, Ghanaians, Togolese as well as Syrians and Indian Shopkeepers. P. 75” Beyond this, the emergence of oil and gas resources and government urban bias or over preference on Port Harcourt heightened the speed of urbanization in Ikwerre land. For example, all the military base: Army, Navy and Air Force are in Ikwerre land, all the oil firms and the servicing firms have their major, if not all their head offices, in Ikwerre land. These include Nigeria Television Authority, Former Radio Rivers, Nigeria Industrial Training fund in Ozuoba, the list is endless. In the same manner, the state government over the years is not insulted form this urban bias development. As it stands, virtually all companies and institutions owned by Rivers State government are situated in Ikwerre land. This makes Ikwerre land the epic centre from all manner of persons, who wants meaningful life.

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