Welcome To Rivers State: A Paradise For Real Estate Investors

There are so many reasons to visit Rivers State and invest in her economy. Aside its beautiful environment, it has a cluster of different cultural attractions, diverse food delicacies and a heritage of hospitality.

Rivers State is in the South-South of Nigeria and was created on May 27, 1967. Rivers State is bounded on the South by the Atlantic Ocean, to the North by Imo, Abia and Anambra States, to the East by Akwa Ibom State, and to the West by Bayelsa and Delta states.

Her slogan the “Treasure Base of the Nation” is a reflection of the vast natural, human capital, capital and entrepreneurial resources available in the state. It is located on Nigeria’s coastline and has a number of seaports. Before the discovery of oil, agriculture was the main industry in Rivers State. Approximately 39% of its total land mass is suitable for crop cultivation. Rivers State also has a lucrative fishing industry.

Major crops: Cassava, Rubber, Oil Palm, Coconut, Raffia Palm, Rice, Yam, Maize, Watermelon and Vegetables.

Mineral Resources: Crude oil, Silica, Glass Sand and Clay.

Main Investment Opportunities in Rivers State include, but not limited to:

Real Estate



Light Manufacturing






Real Estate Development in Rivers State

Rivers State is blessed with a large expanse of land. Unfortunately, not all of it will make for a good strategic investment. The deciding factors on where to buy land in Rivers State are the level of industrialization/development, the standard of living, the availability of dry tableland, and the presence of basic social amenities.

The capital city, Port Harcourt, is regarded as the Centre of Nigeria’s oil and gas industry. And it has been the hub of development.  However, this has resulted in the metropolis being congested; giving rise to expansion into neighbouring LGAs like Ikwerre, Eleme, Oyigbo, Etche, Emuoha etc.

With every problem comes an opportunity for entrepreneurial investment. And the biggest opportunity that has been created by the congestion of Port Harcourt city is in the Real Estate industry.

The Greater Port Harcourt Development Opportunity for Real Estate Investors

The Greater Port-Harcourt area is a Rivers State government initiative to expand the Port Harcourt Metropolis. This area is still under development. The first phase spans over a space of 1,900km2, and it is known as the “New Port-Harcourt”. Major infrastructural development has been earmarked for this project. Being an extension of Port Harcourt city, this area is strategically positioned to decongest the metropolis. It offers investment opportunities in real estate, energy, and waste management.

Smart investors are already taking advantage of this opportunity through land banking, siting of industrial, commercial and residential settlements. The beauty of this is that the value of real estate keeps appreciating yearly, in the past 10 years. Take advantage of this opportunity and you are guaranteed a high, secured and sustainable returns on your investment.

Reasons To Invest In Rivers State

  1. Development Infrastructure

Key infrastructural developments of roads, flyovers, schools, healthcare -facilities, empowerment programmes, land reclamation projects, tourism projects, rural water projects, workers welfare projects, water transportation projects and security infrastructure etc., have continued to make Rivers State an enabling environment for business and investment endeavours.

The presence of a ‘start of the art’ International Airport in the state, gives investors that flexibility of shuttling between Rivers State and any location of the world in a considerably short amount of time, where in-person transit is required.


  1. Good Security

There has been a marked improvement in the security of lives and property in the state. The efforts of past and current administrations are paying off, as the state has been enjoying a relatively long period of peace and stability.


  1. Business Friendly Environment

The people of Rivers State are friendly and hospitable, and the state has an investment friendly climate. This is evident in the government’s commitment to review existing policies and make them more progressive and relevant to a 21st century dynamic business world. The streamlining of the tax system to eliminate double taxation, and the improvement of the land allocation system have enhanced the inflow of investments in the state.



You can contact Odibola Properties for how and where to invest in Rivers State’s booming Real Estate industry.





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